AC Milan sets its sights on a Lecce jewel

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The Rossoneri set their sights on a Lecce jewel

Milan is second in the league, nine points behind Napoli in the lead. The Rossoneri still believe in the Scudetto, which is why the Meneghina management, during the winter soccer market session, will try to complete the squad available to Stefano Pioli.

The latest idea of Paolo Maldini and Frederic Massara would be that of Joan Gonzalez, a midfielder born in 2002 and owned by Lecce. The Salento club, however, would not want to deprive itself mid-season of its player, who so far is performing above expectations as well as becoming a fixed point in Baroni’s lineup.

In fact, the former Barcelona Spaniard is having an excellent first season despite being aggregated to the first team only in summer 2022, after a year in Primavera. Gonzalez, in the 18 games played in Serie A so far, has scored once and served two assists for teammates.

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