Atalanta rage: Gasperini silent, Marino speaks of “ghosts”

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A red card that sparked fierce complaints.

Gian Piero Gasperini silent after Sassuolo-Atalanta, a challenge that ended 1-0 to the hosts and which the Orobici finished with nine men. The first expulsion, which came after 30 minutes against Joakim Maehle, was, moreover, decided by Var, which corrected referee Marcenaro (who had drawn the yellow card). And it was precisely on this episode that the only statements of the Nerazzurri Saturday night were focused, entrusted to Umberto Marino.

“The climate at the moment is not very serene, and the ghosts of last year have reappeared – attacked the general manager of Atalanta to the microphones of ‘Sky Sport’ -. In the second half of last season 12/13 episodes conditioned our race towards Europe. And tonight, on the occasion of the Maehle episode, the Var call did not fit.”

“Our anger stems from the past,” Marino added on behalf of Atalanta. “We saw again on the pitch some situations from the past, after a first half of growth at the refereeing level. Errors can be there, but we would like a confirmation of the yardsticks of the first round. And if you see me talking to the press, it means the ghosts are still around.”

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