Elena Fanchini: the moving message from Mikaela Shiffrin

©Getty Images

Elena Fanchini, Mikaela Shiffrin emote: “The Italian team is like a family.”

Skiing star Mikaela Shiffrin wanted to dedicate a long thought on social media to Elena Fanchini, her family and the Italian national team at this very difficult time.

“This has been a day full of emotions. There is so much I would like to share … but what weighs most is the loss of Elena Fanchini . I offer my condolences to the entire Fanchini Family, who have had such a strong and positive impact on our sport and our world with their passion and above all always kindness.”

“My heart is also with the Italian team, which really looks like a family to all of us watching, and which is now suffering very deeply. We are sharing a hotel during these world championships with the azzurre, and what I can tell you is that their love and strength is pure and true, and I am rooting for all her team, now more than ever. Who we lost will never be forgotten.”

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