Pesaro, Charalampopoulos gets some stones off his shoe with Venice

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The Greek gets a few pebbles off his shoe

VL Pesaro is preparing for Sunday’s challenge that will see the Marche-based team engaged against the Reyer Venezia of newcomer Neven Spahija. In particular, Greek Vasilis Charalampopoulos will have unfinished business with the Orogranata club, where he played in 2021 before moving to Fortitudo Bologna.

The former Panathinaikos and Olympiakos player among others, interviewed by ‘Il Resto del Carlino,’ emphasized that for him, in fact, it will not be a particularly heartfelt challenge: “To be honest, I don’t consider it a special match and I have nothing to prove to my previous team. It certainly was not my best period, because coach De Raffaele did not believe in me and Venice’s was also a very full roster. But now that experience belongs to the past.”

Then the forward revealed the secret of this VL: “The secret is that the coaching staff prepares the games really well and we all know exactly what to expect. Also, we have a great atmosphere among ourselves in the locker room and that is very important.”

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