Stefano Capozucca ‘stings’ Cagliari and Parma

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Stefano Capozucca ‘stings’ Cagliari and Parma

Reached by TMW, Stefano Capozucca analyzed the situation in Serie B: “At the beginning of the year I gave my four favorites: Frosinone, Parma, Genoa and Cagliari. Those who did not live up to the prediction are Cagliari and Parma, but I am happy for Frosinone: there is a manager who is a dear friend, Angelozzi. He has proven once again that he is good. And there is a great president, one of the best: Stirpe is an extraordinary person, he deserves this success.”

The winter market window recently closed: “It was the saddest soccer market in recent years, as was logical to expect. Verona did something as did Salernitana. The teams struggling to maintain the category did more. The real blow was Sassuolo’s: the exit of Traoré for 30 million to get Bajrami.”

In closing, a joke about the challenge between Genoa and Palermo: “It is a quite delicate match for both: Palermo is in a good moment, is also restructuring at the corporate level and has set up a staff to cope with Serie A. Credit also to Gardini who is building at the corporate level a first-rate staff. Genoa is coming from a defeat against Parma, which may also fit: it will be a match they will both want to win.”

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