Sofia Goggia, sweet thought for Elena Fanchini

©Getty Images

Sofia Goggia commented on the triumph of Flury, coached by the former skiman of the Fanchini sisters

Even after her bitter Saturday in Courchevel-Meribel, with the straddle that cost her a medal in the downhill at the World Ski Championships, Sofia Goggia wanted to remember Elena Fanchini, who died prematurely in recent days.

The Bergamo-born skier commented on the surprise gold medal win by Swiss Jasmine Flury, coached by Elena and Nadia Fanchini’s former skiman, Gigi Parravicini: “Coincidences don’t exist,” was the tweet from the Italian champion, who added the emoticon of a heart.

Flury won the downhill ahead of Austria’s Nina Ortlieb and the other Swiss Corinne Suter.

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