Elia Caprile, agent warns Bari.

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The 2001-class goalkeeper is tearing up acclaim in Serie B: “There is interest.”

Elia Caprile is among Bari’s most positive notes this season: the performance of the 2001-class goalkeeper is attracting the attention of several clubs, as explained by agent Graziano Battistini to Sportitalia.

“Elia knows very well that he has to keep his head down and be serene and calm until the end of the season. This Caprile-Bari union has been very positive to date and it is clear that there is a lot of interest around the boy. His main goal is to be focused on the field without listening to the chatter going around with a Bari that is having an incredible championship.”

“To date Caprile is proving to be one of the strongest goalkeepers in the category and can raise the level even higher. He is from Bari and I want to emphasize that … then afterwards the right assessments will be made at the end of the year.”

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