Alexander Steen Olsen, first success

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Alexander Steen Olsen in triumph

Young Norwegian Alexander Steen Olsen, 21, takes his first career victory in a snow- and windswept slalom at Palisades Tahoe. With an 11-place recovery in the second run, Steen Olsen crowns his climb up the ranks with success in the last slalom before the finals. In second place is compatriot Timon Haugan, off by 5 hundredths. Third, with 22 places recovered, was Bulgarian Albert Popov, tied with Clement Noel, 24 hundredths behind the winner. AJ Ginnis was disqualified, after long being the possible winner of the race, betrayed, however, by a mid-track bump.

Tommaso Sala was the best of the Azzurri, with ninth place at 54 hundredths from the winner, and his race could have been of greater prestige if the Brianzolo had not made a mistake just before the final stretch.
Stefano Gross and Alex Vinatzer lose positions compared to the first run and finish in the lower parts of the rankings: 26th the Fassa man and 28th the Gardena native.

Out of the thirty in the first Simon Maurberger at 2″84 and Tobias Kastlunger at 2″83. Out after a few gates was Filippo Della Vite, making his slalom debut.

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