Zlatan Ibrahimovic is not satisfied with being back

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Zlatan Ibrahimovic’s words.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic spoke to Dazn after returning to the field: “If I have to speigare everything I have to be here hours. I suffered a lot, even in the last six months of last year I was suffering. I wanted to help and I couldn’t be on the field. When you are not well it is difficult to help the team, then I could do this surgery six months earlier but I noticed that it was our year to win the Scudetto. Then I made a promise to Pioli not to have the surgery, but I never suffered so much for a trophy. Then it was a difficult year, even for Mino. So many people help me and give me strength, and when I am well I am stronger than everyone. And I’m serious.”

“I feel I can help more than I did today. I think if I did more training how I would be. I hadn’t touched the ball for a year and two months, then I touched the ball for three days and it seems like it’s never been a year. If I don’t put goals I relax, I feel that I’ve passed and I want to give competition to my colleagues in this team and play. I don’t have to be here because of what I did, but now I have to be here. If I think I only have to play the last 5-10 I better stay home, instead I have to play the whole game,” he concluded.

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