Daniele Gastaldello, honeyed words towards Claudio Ranieri

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Daniele Gastaldello, honeyed words towards Claudio Ranieri

The match between Brescia and Cagliari will be staged on Sunday at 3 pm. Daniele Gastaldello presented the match this way: “I hope that after the Cittadella draw, convictions and enthusiasm have changed. The boys want to do well but they still have to show a lot to get out of this standings situation. In their eyes I see the will to do so even in the face of a difficult match against a strong team coached by a great coach.”

Just on Ranieri, Gastaldello wanted to say splendid words: “For me it is an honor to face him. I will gladly greet him because I have a lot of esteem for the man and then I think I just have to learn from such an experienced and prepared coach.”

“For me not scoring is not a problem because we created 10 sharp chances between Bari and Cittadella: 6 with Bari and 4 with Cittadella, where in the calendar year no one won. We didn’t manage to throw it in but the important thing is to keep trying. I’m not creating a hard core of starters, deciding only on the basis of the certainties that the guys on the field give me and without forcing the injured. I play those who give me technical and physical guarantees, and those who are called upon know that they must render.”

Closing dedicated to the delicate situation of the standings: “I look at it and I’m not afraid to say it, but I also look at game after game. I have never made calculations and I never will.”

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