No China tour for Inter Milan.

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No tour in China for Inter

Inter fresh from a change of ownership, now U.S.-based, and second star, will not make the usual tour of China. This is reported by the Gazzetta dello Sport.

The rosea website explains that the’now former Nerazzurri president Steven Zhang “would have liked to re-embrace the team after a year of waiting in Chengdu, ‘the city’of the panda’ capital of Sichuan province, but now that Suning has not repaid the debt and the company’has changed hands that trip planned for the end of July will not happen. It’s a matter of changed strategies, the need to focus training ahead of a long season, but not only”. 

“In addition to the corporate shakeup,” continues, “weighs the fact that the’organization of the tour’e is reportedly insolvent, as also revealed by the Spanish media Relevo. Also awaiting the millions promised by the organizers would be Atletico and Psg, the other two teams involved”

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