LND Women’s National Team: the 23 summoned from Canestro.

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LND Women’s National Team: the 23 summoned from Canestro.

The National Women’s Representative team is preparing for its historic debut at the fourth Women’s Viareggio Cup. Tuesday saw the presentation of the names of the twenty-three players chosen by Marco Canestro, a young selection curated by LND scouts from among the clubs of the top LND Women’s Serie C championship, through three territorial gatherings (Rome, Catanzaro and Montichiari) and a national one at the CPA in Tirrenia. The LND Women’s National Team – placed in Group 2 with Fiorentina, Westchester United (United States) and Arezzo – will begin their new experience on Friday, March 17. Pending the schedule and the facilities that will host the challenges, the Rappresentativa will take the field on Tuesday, March 21, Thursday, March 23 and Saturday, March 25.


Goalkeepers: Clara Holzer (Sudtirol), Marta Papandrea (Portogruaro), Alessia Passarella (Lucchese)

Defenders: Noemi Battilana (Vicenza), Laura Tschoell (Merano), Serena Campostrini (Isera), Marta Lucia Collova (Palermo), Sara Brambilla (Pro Sesto), Noemi Passeri (Chieti)

Midfielders:Teresa Penzo (Vicenza), Martina Montemezzo (Vicenza), Denise Licari (Palermo), Alice Mattiello (Venezia FC), Giada Catena (Jesina), Ilaria Gattuso (Cosenza)

Strikers: Valentina Colombo (Bologna), Alice Coppola (Rome), Carlotta Sacco (Crotone), Alessia Carcassi (Pro Sesto), Gaia Vergari (Rome), Ilaria D’Intino (Chieti), Valentina Purpura (Palermo), Martina Russo (Villaricca)

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