To Stefano Domenicali Max Verstappen reminds Kimi Raikkonen

©Getty Images

Stefano Domenicali’s comparison

Max Verstappen won the first Formula 1 Grand Prix of the season, in Bahrain, and Stefano Domenicali, during an interview granted to Sport Mediaset, also spoke about the Dutchman, who comes from two world championships won in a row.

“The key is to be different from the others and not to have to copy anyone,” the Formula 1 chairman and CEO recounted. I remember Raikkonen being himself, he was not someone who from a relational point of view inspired sympathy but he was followed around the world. Verstappen has a strength of his own, he is a Formula 1 driver and he is all about Formula 1. I think he has grown from a few years ago when he was a much more impetuous driver. Now he is a driver who hardly makes mistakes and remains totally focused on what he is doing.”

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