Max Verstappen unveils his ideal teammate

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Max Verstappen unveils his ideal teammate

During an interview with Auto Motor und Sport, world champion Max Verstappen revealed who would be his ideal teammate: "If I were allowed, I would take myself and then Lando. He’ still young, with a long career ahead of himé and è also very, very fast. On the other hand, if I had to exclude myself, along with Lando I would take Oscar (Piastri, ed.), as a rookie è he was very fast, of course he still has some things to perfect such as race pace, but from what I have seen è he is a very smart guy and I am sure he will win his races".

On Sergio Perez, his current teammate, he said: "You have to consider the whole scenario. In Saudi Arabia I started from 15th position, while in Baku the safety car did not work in my favor. I think it is not quite correct to talk about 'balance' in the first four races of the season, from my point of view it didn&#39t go like that, Sergio (Perez, ed.) was closer, but you have to take into account all the circumstances".

"All engineers develop the car to make it faster, then each driver adapts it as he thinks is best for him, but we talk about setup. Regarding my driving style I can’t say what it is, but I can say that I adapt to the needs of the single-seater, following the path that leads it to be moreù fast. This è the key to being a true Formula 1 driver, to be able to adapt to what the team makes available to you" Verstappen commented.

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