F1, Mattia Binotto harsh on Red Bull case

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F1, Mattia Binotto harsh on Red Bull case

At the microphones of Sky Sport Mattia Binotto spoke on the Red Bull case: “For now it is speculation and it is right to wait for Wednesday. As of today we are still in the world of speculation. If one reads the regulations, this budget cap is meant to make the sport fair.”

Ferrari’s team principal did not mince words: “We to stay within the cap have made an incredible effort, limiting developments and organization, taking some margin in the first year. We have been interacting with the FIA all along. There is some delay and the fact that there is means that there are open discussions on which speculation arises. Talking today about 2021, however, is unfortunate because it has implications on two world championships.”

“If you’re talking about a few million, even if it’s four, it’s not a few million. That’s 70 people in a technical office. That’s half a second. Even coming under the minor penalty, it’s not peanuts. The issue is important and credibility depends on it. Let’s wait. It would be a big issue to handle,” Binotto concluded.

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