Felipe Massa demands justice for 2008

©Getty Images

The words of Felipe Massa

Felipe Massa to Brazilian news outlet Esportelandia returned to talk about Crashgate and the 2008 title: “I’m not a lawyer but everyone knows that I was clearly wronged.”

“I think I am in the right, that I have the right to fight for justice. It’s not that an engine broke down, but there was manipulation, which is a very serious thing. Of course, there was also an engine that broke,” he added referring to the Hungarian GP, “but that is part of things.

“This was manipulation. The final part of the race was completely different than it should have been. In 2007 when McLaren took Ferrari’s design and copied the car they were disqualified from the championship. They were punished for what happened. In my case there was no punishment. But in soccer and many other sports, when things happened, the results were changed.”

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