F1, Stefano Domenicali is blunt about the importance of Lewis Hamilton

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F1, Domenicali is confident about Mercedes: “I think they will be competitive again very soon”

During an interview with the ‘Daily Mail,’ F1 president Stefano Domenicali spoke bluntly about Lewis Hamilton’s future and the Englishman’s importance to the sport. “I would like Lewis to stay in F1 100 percent, in fact, 1,000 percent. He loves our sport and has been playing it since he was a child. Now his role in this environment is becoming bigger than that of an ordinary world champion, given the way he engages in many projects outside the world of sports and takes an active role in society. Thanks to him we are going to new dimensions,” admitted Liberty Media’s number one on the seven-time world champion.

Next, Stefano Domenicali wanted to dwell on Mercedes’ competitiveness: “Hamilton wants to realize his dream of becoming the only driver in history to have won the world title eight times. Toto is totally focused on improving the W14. He told me he has made adjustments at the staffing level in the team to make sure there is the right chemistry to perform as soon as possible. I am sure that very soon they will be competitive again.”

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