Max Verstappen, watch out: now Horner pitches Sergio Perez

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Right from the start it has established itself as the stable to beat, but now it may also experience internal battles.

Sergio Perez could threaten Max Verstappen in the next stages of the Formula 1 championship. Giving the Mexican driver the green light was his team principal at Red Bull: in fact, Christian Horner spoke out in an interview about the future balance between the two drivers at the reigning world champion team.

“We decided to call Perez to Red Bull because of his experience,” Horner explained, as can be read on ‘RaceFans.’ “He has a lot of it, and it has allowed him to overcome the most delicate phases of his career. And Sergio is a complete driver, a great team man and a professional who gives important help in the development of the car. Working with him is extremely easy.”

This is also why there may be more freedom in possible duels between Perez and Verstappen in the future. “Sergio won two Grands Prix last year and one in the year before. To win the constructors’ title he was decisive, and I think for him to run with Max as a partner is complicated. But he has the maturity to deal with it and handle it. He is always improving, and to see him so competitive is a pleasure,” Horner explained.

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