Olimpia Milano, Gigi Datome and Kyle Hines confide in each other.

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The words of Gigi Datome

Gigi Datome and Kyle Hines confided in Euroleague TV.

“I continue to love the game. I really love the game, being on the court, competing, building something important,” said the Sardinian. “When I was a kid, if someone had told me that I would be 35 years old in Milan after winning a title at the Final Four, cups and so on, and being captain of the national team, I would have … signed with blood. Still as a player, maybe I remember very much all the finals I lost and all the things I could have done more.”

“It’s strange how we remember defeats, or how we’re more influenced by defeats than we are by victories sometimes,” Hines added. “It’s a little strange, but that’s just our nature and the nature of the business, I suppose. The nature of how we are and how we’re wired.”

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