F1, Vasseur clear on recent goodbyes at Ferrari

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F1, Vasseur clear on recent goodbyes at Ferrari

After the Bahrain GP, Ferrari had to deal with several departures within its staff, including David Sanchez, engineer in charge of the aerodynamic part of the car, who returned to Mclaren. In addition, as reported by Corriere dello Sport, it seems that other relevant figures could also leave the Cavallino: Enrico Cardile (chassis manager) and Laurent Mekies (sports director).

Team principal Frederic Vasseur, during an interview with Auto Hebdo wanted to clarify rumors about possible goodbyes and the recent attacks suffered by the Maranello stable following the opaque race in Bahrain.

“It’s inevitable. There are people who were very close to Binotto who prefer to leave. I don’t mind. In addition, there are others who feared for their future,” the former Alfa Romeo began.

“I have a hard time understanding why the team was attacked like this after only one race. From the data and information gathered on the track, we saw that we are on the right track. I asked everyone not to be distracted and to focus on performance and on finding solutions to the reliability problems, because the championship is still long,” the team principal concluded regarding the criticism received from Ferrari.

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