F1, there is a final decision on “splash guard” wheel covers

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The FIA made its decision after tests carried out in cooperation with Ferrari

No "splash guards" at least not like the ones FIA had Ferrari test in recent days, in a session involving Arthur Leclerc and Ollie Bearman with the specific purpose of testing the functionality of the "Sprayguards" (only Charles’ brother fitted the wheel covers on his own car). As explained by FIA board member Nicholas Tombazis to 'Motorsport.com', the test did not yield the desired results.

"We went to the maximum to see what was the limit we could reach with the wheel covers,‖ said the Greek engineer, who has been working within the FIA since 2018. And although they have some effect, they don&#39t have a significant enough effect to say that this è the solution. So we are back to square one".

"I still think we have answered some of our questions,” Tombazis added. “We know where we stand, but I don’t think the project can continue in this vein. On the contrary, we know that it will be necessary to find other ways to protect the races from cancellation, in case of heavy rain".

Indeed, the goal of International Automobile Federation engineers remains to prevent water lifted by a car on the track from obliterating visibility to the driver following, increasing the risk of accidents. The imagined answer with the use of wheel covers has not, however, proved sufficient: "We simply have to think of different solutions" said Tombazis.

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