Medel, old acquaintance of Italian soccer, to Boca

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At 36, the Chilean halfback returns to Boca after a good 13 years

Medel è a familiar face to Italian fans as well. In fact, during his long career, he has also worn the shirts of Inter (2014/2017) and Bologna (2019/2023). Now, after just one season at Vasco da Gama, in Brazil, the Chilean midfielder has decided to get back into the game in Argentina, at Boca Juniors.

As reported by more Argentine media, the deal's already been struck. Medel will play with the Los Xeneizes jersey until December 2025. Most importantly, he will return to play with the Boca Juniors jersey after a good 13 years (his first experience from 2009 to January 2011. It is also a romantic choice for the rocky Chilean midfielder.

Boca Juniors fans have enthusiastically welcomed Medel’s return, not least because, in the year and a half with Los Xeneizes, he had shown that competitive nastiness that the people of the Bombonera like so much.

Medel will be officially introduced shortly. After that, he will begin his second adventure at Boca with the enthusiasm of a young boy, despite having a good 36 years on his shoulders. It is also a way to get over the disappointment of not being summoned to be part of the Chilean expedition that will participate in the Copa America 2024 (won twice in his career)

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