Roma jumps on Raoul Bellanova: plans to secure him

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The right name for the bands could be ticked off.

Roma on Raoul Bellanova to revive ahead of next season. This is the most recent suggestion of the Giallorossi soccer market, the result of an explicit request of Daniele De Rossi intent on reinforcing the team on the flanks after the return to Leeds of Kristensen. On the side lanes, in fact, the Capitoline team has at the moment only Celik and Karsdorp, who moreover do not enjoy the total confidence of the coach, nor of the square.

Hence the intention to bet on Bellanova, identified as the right man to elevate Roma’s performance. According to Saturday's report by the 'Messaggero', the deal with Torino is reportedly ready to go. It starts from an auction base of 20-25 million euros, an evaluation made by the Granata club after their player&#39s excellent season.

The daily from the capital explains that Ghisolfi would be starting from this figure to figure out how to set up the negotiation, taking into account the fact that Roma does not seem at the moment willing to invest 25 million for a single player (although as crucial to future plans as Bellanova seems to be).

Among the possibilities there are alternatives, therefore, to include in the operation some technical counterparts, perhaps from Roma youth teams that have long been a rich source of talent. In all this, however, we must not forget Bellanova’s other suitors, some of which come from the Premier League: just think of West Ham and Aston Villa.

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