F1, Max Verstappen makes 60: wins every third GP

©Getty Images

The Dutchman è leading the World for 750 days

Imperial. Even in Montreal, home of the Canadian GP, Verstappen confirmed that he is the number one driver in the world. Not surprisingly, è reached 750 consecutive days as the leader of the F1 World Championship. A record-breaking figure that further certifies the reigning World Champion’s ability to get rid of the competition, even when the car is not è the best on the track.

The Canadian GP is becoming a magical place for the reigning World Champion, who took his third consecutive victory in Montreal on Sunday, joining Piquet on the podium step of multiple Canadian GP winners (topped by the Schumacher-Hamilton pairing with seven victories apiece).

In addition, Verstappen è reached the incredible figure, considering his young age, of 60 career GP wins. Currently, è firmly in third place All-time behind Hamilton (103 wins) and Schumacher (93). Should it continue like this, è, it è clear that, in a few years, there will be è a new leader in this prestigious ranking as well.

But it does not end there. Verstappen has won 60 GPs out of 194 played in his career. In fact, he is getting closer and closer to the quota of one GP won for every three disputed. This season, è he is already at six personal wins out of nine F1 World Championship rounds and seems to have no intention of stopping.

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