Ferrari, important message comes from Max Verstappen

©Getty Images

An important message intended for possible big rivals next season.

Max Verstappen speaks openly about Ferrari. And not only does he expect the Maranello-based Rosse to be competitive in 2023, but he also expresses hope that the duels with his Red Bull will be at a high level.

The world champion does not mince words in an interview granted to the Spaniards of ‘AS’ on the sidelines of the presentation of the new Red Bull livery. “I hope Ferrari continues to be a fearsome rival for us,” Verstappen explains. “It’s hard to say where they are at, I don’t know how they are improving their car. Only time will determine that.”

“Ferrari in any case is an incredible team, which has very good professionals. They have changed one figure in particular, after setting the course anyway. And I expect them to grow both on the single-seater front and on the engine front,” is Verstappen’s prediction.

However, the world champion also trusts the work done in the winter by Red Bull. “We only presented the livery, but compared to last year there are several new features,” Verstappen admits. “Our philosophy has already worked, it would be unwise to change it. But we always want to improve, and the new car in the simulator looks fast. Until I try it on the track, though, it won’t be the same.”

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