Turin, Urbano Cairo and the negotiations for the Olympic Stadium

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The granata patron is investing heavily in the Philadelphia

He has already invested nearly two million euros in the Filadelfia, which he does not own, and now hopes to give his Torino the Olimpico. Cairo has clear ideas about the future: a state of ownership is needed but he does not want to get entangled in bureaucratic quarrels, as is happening in Rome, Milan and Inter.

So here is the request to the mayor of Turin, namely “…having the same conditions that Juve had when the Delle Alpi was sold to them.” In short, Cairo is ready to take the decisive step to have a completely granata stadium but the right conditions are needed to get to the classic white smoke. Much will depend on the final “price” of the stadium. After Juventus, Torino also wants to have its own home and Cairo has already taken action to give the Toro fans an immense gift.

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