Pol Espargaró, MotoGp doctor reassures on rider’s condition

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Angel Charte reassures on Pol Espargaró’s condition

Angel Charte, in a lengthy speech to Dazn España, shed light on Pol Espargaró’s condition after the latter’s nasty crash in the second MotoGp free practice session in Portimao. An accident that led Charte himself, the MotoGP medical director, to the decision to transport Espargaró to the hospital in Faro.

“Pol Espargaró suffered polytraumatic injury, the level of which will be determined by the tests he will do in the next few hours, to his back and in particular to the lumbar area. Cervically he is fine, neurologically he is fine: he did not lose consciousness at any time and never needed to be intubated,” said Dr. Charte, trying to reassure fans and insiders.

“He also suffered a pulmonary contusion, which will have to be rechecked with CT and MRI scans, also at Faro Hospital. We’ll have to see how it all evolves, the tests will be important to make any kind of evaluation. How is she now? Conscious, not at all disoriented, responding perfectly: he is just a little sedated to calm the pain.”

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