Lapo Elkann: “Ferrari, wake up.”

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Ferrari’s poor start to the World Cup baffles even VIP fans

Ferrari’s poor start to the World Championship has embittered all the fans of the Cavallino, who expected more at the start of the season. The Maranello-based team, struggling with reliability and performance problems, is barely in fourth place in the constructors’ standings: after flops in Bahrain and Saudi Arabia, the red team hit rock bottom in Australia, with double zeros from Leclerc and Sainz”

“Formula 1 Ferrari, time to wake up!!!”, “Ferrari, wake up,” is the tweet that VIP fan Lapo Elkann, brother of President John, wrote on Twitter.

Former president Luca Cordero di Montezemolo also spoke on the difficulties of the Rossa on La 7: “I don’t think it’s a short-term crisis, it’s about rebuilding and you have to put together the best technicians. I took Todt, Domenicali, Brawn and Byrne, Schumacher came later. The crisis was very black, but a team was built. Even going to recover in the market some technicians of different nationalities, you should bring culture into the company in the areas where there is a need.”

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