F1, Singapore GP: Sergio Perez beats Charles Leclerc, Max Verstappen 7th

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World Championship still open, and half a smile at Maranello.

The Singapore Grand Prix goes to Sergio Perez and Red Bull, with the Mexican first under the checkered flag ahead of a Charles Leclerc who for long stretches of a splendid and eternal race contended for victory. Third and on the podium was Carlos Sainz in the second Ferrari, while Max Verstappen was only seventh at the end of a difficult Sunday in which there was no shortage of mistakes.

That the 2022 Singapore Grand Prix was not a trivial race had been clear from the start, with the start delayed by more than an hour due to rain. So at the start it was Perez who burned Leclerc, clawing a first position that was basically preserved until the end. Bad start for Verstappen, just the beginning of an extremely bitter Sunday.

The theme of the race, however, is figuring out the right moment to switch from intermediate wet tires to dry tires-a moment that, even though there is no more rain, never seems to come. Another big problem is then keeping the single-seaters on track: so many retirements, due to mistakes and also technical failures. In the course of the Grand Prix, in fact, Zhou, Latifi, Alonso, Albon, Ocon and Tsunoda are forced to leave. Numerous, therefore, the Safety Car and Virtual Safety Car.

However, precisely on the occasion of a Safety Car, Perez (also on that occasion ahead of everyone) ends up at the center of attention of the commissioners for possible “regulatory distance not maintained.” An investigation whose outcome will be known only at the end of the race. Also noteworthy is the ninth place of Hamilton, in turn protagonist of an error when he was contending for third position with Carlos Sainz. A long for him on a slippery track, the same situation that also occurred to Verstappen when he was in the midst of a comeback and with a chance to bring home at least a fifth place. The leader of the standings, however, has to settle for seventh after overtaking Hamilton and Vettel in extremis precisely.

Singapore Grand Prix 2022, the order of finish:

1. Sergio Perez
2. Charles Leclerc
3. Carlos Sainz
4. Lando Norris
5. Daniel Ricciardo
6. Lance Stroll
7. Max Verstappen
8. Sebastian Vettel
9. Lewis Hamilton
10. Pierre Gasly

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