Petrucci stop: “I’m not running again. Pozzecco a great.”

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Petrucci stop: “I’m not running again. Pozzecco a great.”

Fip president Gianni Petrucci in an interview with La Gazzetta dello Sport closed the door on his standing again in 2024: “In any case I will not run. If health helps me I have several proposals in other areas, one even outside sports.”

Petrucci praised Gianmarco Pozzecco for the job he is doing as coach of the national team: “The national team is experiencing a real boom: enthusiasm, fans, popularity. And our coach is the protagonist. The players want to wear blue. Pozzecco is not only spirit, character: he is a great coach, he knows how to train a team. And he has even surpassed me: on the street they recognize him more than me….”

On the goal at Worlds: “Worlds for us means Olympics. There are only two places but we know that then there will be the Pre-Olympics. The Olympics are important for all sports. Of course for our sport it means huge competition. Soccer first sport in the world by popularity, then cricket thanks to India, then basketball. We notice this in Italy as well. Pure as the number of card-carrying members. Banchero? I cannot say yes or no, there is hope but I am not able to promise anything.”

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