Former referee Marelli on second yellow to Lukaku: “For me, Massa was wrong.”

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What happened in Turin continues to hold sway.

“In my opinion Massa was wrong to caution Lukaku. And it has nothing to do with whether or not there were racist chants: I watched the match without volume because I had guests at home and I have no idea what happened inside the stadium,” writes former referee Luca Marelli, as reported by

“Of course, in case there were racist chants, I condemn them because racism sucks, always and in any case. And I hope, with this (superfluous) clarification, to silence forever those four decerebrates who accuse me of racism. Massa was wrong because, like Doveri, he misinterpreted an exultation that Lookman and Lukaku use very often. Lukaku himself, in fact, has also exulted in the same, identical way recently in the national team,” Marelli added.

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