MotoGp, Livio Suppo peremptory on Marc Marquez

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Former Honda HRC team manager Livio Suppo on Marc Marquez: “With this great competitive charge he won 8 world championships, but in Jerez he ruined his career.”

Former Honda team manager Livio Suppo did not mince words when talking about Marc Marquez’s last years in MotoGp: “He when he has this great competitive charge risks going too far beyond his limit, and thinking about it he has ruined his career this way: if he had been a little calmer in 2020 he would have finished third in Jerez, he would not have broken down and probably would have won that world championship as well,” are the words spoken to Mowmag.

“Then again, Marc also won eight world championships like that, with crazy talent and risking a little more than the others. Let’s not forget that he made a pole and a podium at Portimao, which probably cost him the mistake in the race the next day because he got so gassed by what he did on Saturday that he went in on Sunday that he was a cannonball ready to explode, and it went the way it went.”

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