Return to Formula 1 in 2024: Sebastian Vettel says no

©Getty Images

A return to the wheel, at the moment, is not to be ruled out.

Sebastian Vettel has not forgotten Formula 1. The German former Red Bull, Ferrari and Aston Martin driver returned to talk about his future on the sidelines of a charity event in his homeland. And about his possible new involvement in the Circus, he said, “Right now I think it is extremely difficult to predict what will happen next year.”

No closure, then. But also a vindication of the retirement that took place at the end of 2022. “I do not regret leaving Formula 1,” Vettel in fact clarified, “However, I am happy that the Aston Martin I left behind is going so strongly. Already in 2022, however, it was logical that 2023 would be better, because last season the performance had not been up to scratch. Instead, it was not possible to predict the difficulties of others.”

Finally, Vettel reiterated his satisfaction at seeing a Fernando Alonso in such good shape. “He has not driven such a competitive car for many years. And now that he can do it he seems to be experiencing a second spring, and a new honeymoon with Formula 1,” was the German’s reflection.

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