Jorge Lorenzo’s warning: ‘Honda, this is how you will lose Marc Marquez’

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As a former comrade and rival, his warning is clear.

Marc Marquez and Honda may soon find themselves far from each other. That’s the idea that Jorge Lorenzo, who of the Catalan has long been a rival and then also a teammate, has gotten. And who has decided to issue a warning to the Japanese manufacturer, struggling with a now deep technical crisis.

“If the situation remains like this, Marquez will not stay much longer,” Lorenzo told ‘Cadena Ser’. Honda has offered him a long and important renewal, with big money and a four-year term. This is unusual, but it comes at a time when Ducati is much superior. Things have changed, and Marc may find himself making important reflections.”

“At the time of renewal, Marquez will have to consider whether he intends to have a better bike that will allow him to win championships again or say yes to Honda’s rich offers. Obviously staying in HRC does not mean no more winning, but the one today is the worst Honda he has ever had. He wants to prove that he can win again. And I don’t know if he can, but I know he is still a racing animal,” Lorenzo concluded.

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