Enea Bastianini, it is unknown return: set the decisive visit

©Getty Images

After the injury in Portugal, it is time to set a return date.

Enea Bastianini was the protagonist of a crash in Portimao that cost him a fracture in his right shoulder blade. Being compound, the Ducati rider did not have to undergo an operation, in the meantime, however, the decisive moment is coming to see if he will be able to be regularly on the track when MotoGP returns to Austin.

Taking stock of the situation was ‘Motorsport.com,’ according to which Bastianini will undergo a new medical checkup in Forlì. This will be the key step in determining whether he will be able to take part in the U.S. Grand Prix, not before a further check by the medical team present in Austin.

Also in Forlì had come the examination, entrusted to Dr. Porcellini, in which it had emerged that Bastianini’s right scapula fracture is compounded. In case of his further forfeit after the one in Argentina, his place in Ducati will be taken by Michele Pirro.

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