Pecco Bagnaia: the reasons for the fall in Luca Marini’s analysis

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The withdrawal of the champion is analyzed by the colleague who also collected a great result.

Pecco Bagnaia and his retirement at the Grand Prix of the Americas in Austin ends up under the magnifying glass of Luca Marini, who in an interview with ‘Speedweek’ tried to understand the reasons for the Ducati world champion’s fall.

“I paid great attention to Pecco’s line, which was very tight – Marini noted -. Bagnaia in that corner was faster than any other Ducati rider all weekend. Maybe the wind also played a trick on him, because he came very fast in that corner. Maybe he was overtaking us by about 10 km/h, and he may have demanded too much from the front tire.”

“That crash impressed me in a special way because it was Pecco himself that was the protagonist. However, I have the impression that he was too abrupt in dealing with it,” Marini then added.

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