Olimpia, Gigi Datome bothered by many injuries

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Blue captain hopes for an injury-free finish to the season

Olimpia’s season so far has not been positive. Bad in the Euroleague, no Coppa Italia and Italian Supercup. The only goal still at stake is the Scudetto. Undoubtedly, the many injuries have affected AX’s performance, as Datome (one who has had to stop in the pits several times this year) well explained.

“More than injuries simply as a limiting physical problem, the biggest problem is that they never allowed us to find a continuous set-up. Paradoxically, if there had been only two players absent for so many months it would have been easier to find balance, instead, every week we had a different team,” his words to QS. Datome’s hope is that, in the playoffs, the red-and-white infirmary will remain empty to end a difficult season with a Scudetto win.

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