Fabio Quartararo and arm pain at Le Mans: “Never happened before.”

©Getty Images

An opaque race, complete with controversy at the end.

Fabio Quartararo did not go beyond seventh place in Le Mans, in the French Grand Prix that for him represents his home event in MotoGP. The Yamaha centaur, however, spoke to his compatriots on ‘Canal+’ at the end of the race, complaining of a new pain in his arm and the suspicion that he had not been treated in the best possible way.

“Unfortunately, I didn’t run the race I was hoping for,” explained Quartararo. “Before the start I had a small physical problem, I had treatment on my arm and it turned out to be too aggressive. From the middle of the race my arm was hurting, and I feel that without this problem a better result could have come.”

“My arm was swollen from mid-race, and I thought I couldn’t do anything more about it. Then I was able to get to the finish line, but honestly it was really strong. It had never happened to me to be treated like that before a race, and on the track I noticed it,” Quartararo concluded.

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