Sergio Perez, father aims high: “He and Verstappen like Senna and Prost”

©Getty Images

Two teammates who, according to those who know them very well, could reenact an iconic rivalry.

Max Verstappen is finding in this start of the 2023 season his main opponent in teammate Sergio Perez. A rivalry that is all internal to Red Bull, as it happened in the days of Sebastian Vettel and Mark Webber, and which mainly characterized the title chase of the Mercedes duo composed of Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg. For the Mexican’s father, however, the comparison is on an even higher level.

“I think you have to remember when Senna and Prost were racing in McLaren, today it’s the same thing. Checo and Max are two tigers in the same cage,” Antonio Perez told the Mexican newspaper ‘Esto.’ “They have the same thoughts and goals, you can tell when they try to snatch each other’s fastest lap.

Perez believes, moreover, that his son can seriously undermine teammate Verstappen in his chase for a third consecutive world championship. “Max has a big advantage, but now Checo can go at his pace. Either they are even, or Max has a few thousandths of a lead,” he said.

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