F1, Damon Hill is lapidary about Charles Leclerc

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F1, Damon Hill candid about Leclerc: “Difficult for him to find space in other Scuderie”

During an episode of the “Sky Sport F1 UK” podcast, 1996 World Champion Damon Hill was blunt about Ferrari’s moment and Charles Leclerc’s future. “I think Charles is stuck at Ferrari. He has managed to do good things at times, but that has not been enough to give him a chance to fight consistently for the championship. In addition he keeps making mistakes, even in qualifying, where they were stronger than the race pace,” admitted the former Williams driver.

“If we look at the top teams and their respective driver lineups, they will probably make do with who they have on their team. I don’t think Lecrerc can move elsewhere. I think he will eventually stay at Ferrari for a long time, until they give him the right car to compete for the championship. However, if the situation does not improve, then maybe they will start looking around,” Damon Hill added.

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