Giro d’Italia, Marco Frigo sees the glass half full

©Getty Images

A faded victory, but satisfaction prevails over regret.

Marco Frigo finished third in the 15th stage of the Giro d’Italia 2023, the Seregno-Bergamo. However, the Venetian of Israel – Premier Tech was ahead of everyone just a few meters from the finish line, where Brandon McNulty sprinted. But hot on his heels, the blue rider’s analysis is crystal clear.

“Maybe it was not easy to believe. But instead in cycling you never give up – Frigo stressed to the microphones of ‘Eurosport’ -. I had good legs, obviously the first two had more. You also need a lot of head, and I think I put a lot of head today. However I came back, I knew that the downhill finish would give me an opportunity to play it fast. I came close, but that’s okay.”

Frigo then recounted his fatigue on the final climbs of the Lombardy stage, “In those moments your head goes off a little bit. You just think about pushing and closing on those in front. You can believe it until the end, because it’s a stage of the Giro d’Italia, it’s not a nothing race. But you have to look at the glass half full. We came close, but next week there are other stages to try as well.”

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