Marc Marquez, Fonsi Nieto doesn’t hide: “He will never change.”

©Getty Images

Here comes another opinion about the champion in great difficulty.

Marc Marquez is drawing a lot of judgment on himself after the many episodes that have seen him in spite of himself in this beginning of 2023 in MotoGP. And the list has since been joined by Fonsi Nieto, now manager in the Pramac team.

“We knew that with Marquez the battle would be tough, and that a lot of patience would be needed,” Nieto told ‘AS,’ speaking about the Le Mans challenge between Honda’s Catalan and Jorge Martin. “Marc is tough, too bad about that mistake he made at the last moment. But that’s the way he is, he is someone who will never give up or change. If he had to, he wouldn’t be him anymore.”

“If he hadn’t crashed, surely he would have attacked again,” Nieto continued. “However, to battle with Marquez and prevail is always exciting. Seeing that duel was very nice, and between him and Martin there was great respect on the track.”

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