Juventus: reaction comes to -10 in the standings

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Juventus: reaction comes to -10 in the standings

Juventus in a statement reacted to the 10-point penalty inflicted in the standings by the Corte Federale d’Appello: “Juventus Football Club takes note of what was decided just now by the FIGC Court of Appeals and reserves the right to read the motivations in order to consider a possible appeal to the Collegio di Garanzia at CONI.”

“What was ruled by the fifth degree of judgment in this affair, which began more than a year ago, arouses great bitterness in the club and its millions of fans, who, in the absence of clear rules, find themselves further penalized with the application of sanctions that do not seem to take into account the principle of proportionality.”

“While not ignoring the requirements of celerity, which Juventus has never shirked in the course of the proceedings, it is stressed that these are facts that have yet to be judged by the natural judge.”

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