Monaco GP, Fernando Alonso bets on Ferrari

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Monaco GP, Alonso bets on Ferrari

Fernando Alonso pointed to Ferrari as a possible aspirant to win the Monaco Grand Prix at the press conference to introduce the Momegasque GP. “As far as the Monaco Grand Prix is concerned, I see Ferrari very well, but I would be telling a lie if I said I arrive here without hoping to do something good, and I will attack by always giving my best, without thinking about anything else, not even the weather, that’s something I don’t care about,” admitted the Aston Martin driver

He then commented on the British team’s agreement with Honda to supply power units from 2026: “The arrival of Honda is certainly an important signal It shows Aston Martin’s commitment to trying to become a winning team, and there is all the potential to succeed. This doesn’t change the scenarios in the coming years: clearly having its own power unit is always better, but that doesn’t mean that between now and 2026 the team won’t have a chance to win the world title. I still don’t know what I’m going to do, but at the moment I feel motivated and still very fast, and if I continue to have fun I won’t stop. Of course, the day will come when things might change, but there is still time for that.”

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