Hamilton-Ferrari: Bernie Ecclestone is adamant about market rumors

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F1, Bernie Ecclestone is outspoken on Hamilton-Ferrari hypothesis

The week leading up to the Monaco GP was accompanied by the market rumor provided by the “Daily Mail” regarding a possible move of Lewis Hamilton to Ferrari. Bernie Ecclestone also wanted to comment on these market rumors.

“I would be very surprised if Ferrari got rid of Leclerc to sign Lewis, not least because Charles is highly regarded. In addition, Hamilton has already made his future clear by emphasizing his desire to stay at Mercedes. I think that if I were him and I saw a rival happy to leave his own stable, I would say that there is some problem there,” said the former British driver as can be read on “FormulaPassion.”

“I don’t understand why Lewis would think he would be better off at Ferrari than at Mercedes. Both are pursuing the goal of competing for the championship again. I think he will stay with the Brackley team or retire. I can understand that this situation is frustrating for him, but his contract is very onerous and this is a big problem. The only place he could win an eighth world championship is at Red Bull, but there is no room for him there,” Ecclestone added.

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