F1, Max Verstappen critical: “So you take away emotion”

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F1, Verstappen critical: "Soì it takes away emotion"

Max Verstappen confessed his perplexity about the sprint races that the F1 circus has been implementing for the past two years: "I prefer the classic race format. I think it’s a little bit’ more exciting, especially in qualifying, where you can’ go more to the limit because’ you know what you’ have done in the two free practice sessions. In Suzuka for example if you do FP1 and right after qualifying, you risk having serious accidents. For me, Sprint is not è so fulfilling, becauseé once you do it you have a clear overview for the main race and that takes away some’ of the excitement".

"Usually you see qualifying and you think, “Oh, wow. Okay” but then a’car that starts up front can’ fall back in the race. Sprint takes all that away. You get the thought that if nothing happens, the same people will win the Sunday race" as well.

The upcoming rainbow trio: "Winning it here or next week won" change much. I just know that if I win or get a good result in the Sprint I will win the championship. But we are focused on the main job, which is to have a good weekend".

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