Jorge Lorenzo, Lin Jarvis’s chastisement: ‘Not decisive’

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Here comes the long-distance response to the former carrier’s address.

Jorge Lorenzo has been a symbol of Yamaha for nine seasons, during which he became a three-time MotoGP champion. A recent statement he made about the M1’s problems, however, generated a rather dry response from his former boss Lin Jarvis. Who, while not mentioning him directly, denied his words.

Indeed, if Lorenzo blamed Yamaha for not confirming him as a tester, thus forgoing the chance to grow from his experience, Jarvis does not feel the same way. “As Quartararo has already said, the results would not have changed,” he in fact revealed to ‘Speedweek.’ “And I don’t think our current problems are tied to who is the test rider.

“We’re working with Crutchlow and we’re very happy with him,” Jarvis continued. “He’s a great worker, a fast rider and good at describing the feeling of the bike in detail. At Yamaha we struggle with engineering and development issues, situations that the test rider does not affect and is not decisive on.”

Then an even clearer broadside aimed at Lorenzo: “Only those who lack insight could say that a tester significantly affects the development of the bike. He needs to be fast, have pace and give his opinion. The rest, however, is the job of the engineers,” Jarvis concluded.

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