Verona, atrocious mockery in the 96th minute: salvation in the balance

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Verona, atrocious mockery in the 96th minute: Empoli draws at Bentegodi

Hellas Verona mocked by Empoli in the 96th minute. It ended 1 to 1 at the Bentegodi with goals by the yellow-blue Gaich in the fourth quarter of the second half and Stojanovic at the end of the half at the end of a very painful match. In Saturday’s advance, Spezia, a direct competitor of the Veronesi, had been defeated by Torino 4-0, while Lecce is expected to travel to Monza. Standings: Lecce 33 (1 game down), Verona 31, Spezia 31. The third relegated team, which will accompany Cremonese and Sampdoria to B, or the eventual salvation playoff will be determined at the end of the last day of the championship scheduled for next weekend (times to be determined): Milan-Verona, Roma-Spezia, Lecce-Bologna.

First half. Initial beats in front of 20 thousand spectators of yellow-blue faith, a hundred Tuscan fans. 11′: central hole in the Scaligera defense, saves Montipò coming out on the edge. A minute later Fazzzini on a free kick from outside, ball wide. Unprovoked errors in the Scaligera’s house constitute the emblem of an “in” or “out” contest for Hellas, which begins to get into gear. Close to the lead, the Veronese team, with Ngonge (14′): he jumps two, enters the area, throttles the low shot, ball wide. Then he puts his foot in it, the extreme Vicario, to say no to the same Ngonge. On the other front Montipò first gives his fans the creeps with a clumsy exit, then says no to Cacace in one-on-one. It’s hot, over 25 degrees, as the crowd watches a double-take by Fazzini, good for Verona that he fails to direct into the mirror. In the mirror, however, ends Ngonge’s (weak) header, Vicario is not surprised. Always the Diuric-Ngonge axis is a source of danger for the Tuscan rearguard: Belgian shot, weak diagonal and out. On the other front Cambiaghi’s immediate response: from a defiladed position he tries the shot, to the stars. 40′: Vicario is no less surprised by Ngonge’s breakaway, with an open hand he deflects it into the corner. 5 minutes of recovery and everyone in the locker room.

Start of the second half, first substitution in Hellas: Ceccherini for Cabal, same formation for Empoli. The Curva Sud, the heart of the Gialloblù fans, invites Veloso and his teammates to bring out their attributes. Nothing happens, everyone at a small trot hoping to guess the winning episode. In Empoli inside Satriano and Destro. Empoli penalty just a whisker away from the lead: impetuous take-off by Ebuehi, ball slams in front of Montipò and ends up over the crossbar. 14′, response from the Gialloblù bench: inside Gaich and Faraoni. The Gialloblù faithful crowd suffers, the result does not budge from 0-0. The Bentegodi’s central stand wants Verdi on the pitch but for Bocchetti it’s not time yet. But it is Gaich’s time. 17′: Ngonge’s shot from outside, Vicario clears, bursts in like a vulture the Argentine Gaich, the man who already resurrected Hellas with Sassuolo: 1-0 Hellas. The Bentegodi’s scream to chase away the tension of an “in” or “out” match that is now smiling on the Veronese. The Gialloblù control the Tuscan reaction, looking for the moment to close the score. 33′: Abildgaard in for Hellas, Vignato and Stojanovic in for Spezia. 33′: Tuscans close to equalizing, Cambiaghi’s shot over the crossbar. Bocchetti covers himself, inserting Coppola in the Scaligera rearguard. Verona drops back, Empoli up to the finish for the equalizer. Montipò miraculous once again, Empoli assaults, Hellas staggers but does not give up. Until the mockery with one minute to go: Stojanovic from the right let off a slash on which Montipò can do nothing. Triple whistle: Hellas Verona-Spezia 1-1. For the Gialloblù, the salvation race is postponed to the last day when Verona will visit AC Milan.

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