F1, Carlos Sainz has his say on the elimination of the Montmeló chicane

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F1, Carlos Sainz presents the Spanish GP

The formulapassion.it website reported Carlos Sainz’s statements with which the Spanish Ferrari driver presented his home Grand Prix, which will be run next Sunday at the Montmeló circuit, and also had his say on the elimination of the chicane before the finish line resulting in the reinstatement of the sequence of the last two corners used until 2006.

“Spain is a land of motorsport with many circuits scattered throughout the country. I ran my first races at a go-kart track in my city, Madrid, but from there I started to turn a lot since I was involved in the national championships. My first single-seater laps, on the other hand, I did at the Jarama circuit, also in the vicinity of Madrid. I remember that I was with my instructor, the professional driver Maria de Villota, and that is also why I will keep that day firmly stamped in my mind forever. She was a great athlete and a great person, and so since she sadly passed away (in 2013, ed.) I always have her logo (a star, ed.) with me on my helmet. I am very happy to have been able to organize the Grada CS55 again this year in Barcelona. The Spanish fans are obviously very special to me and it is wonderful to have a sector dedicated to them. There is only one flaw: it is too small! However, I know that even outside those stands there will be many supporters cheering for me and making this home race even more unique. It is not easy for a Formula 1 driver to explain what it means to race in his own country, I would simply say that it is very special. To all the fans, I feel like promising my best efforts to provide a good show on the track and bring home a great result. I believe that (with the restoration of the two corners, ed.) the spectacle will improve and so I fully support the decision of Formula 1 and the organizers to return to this layout. Not that there was anything wrong with turning with the chicane, but I am happy to try this configuration and curious to see how the times and strategies will change in the race.”

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