Monza at San Siro: Mayor Sala reveals Galliani’s phone call

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Monza at San Siro: Mayor Sala unveils Galliani’s phone call

Monza at San Siro: the Brianzoli’s CEO Adriano Galliani hinted at it on Tuesday, in the hypothesis of the biancorossi qualifying for the Conference League if Juventus is disqualified by Uefa. Milan Mayor Giuseppe Sala said he was possibilistic and went further, talking about a phone call he had with Galliani about the possible rental of the Meazza in case Milan and Inter no longer use it.

“The tone was joking however, Galliani is an ambitious person, I have known him for many years,” he said on the sidelines of an event. “And I think they got into this adventure, he and Berlusconi, certainly because of passion but also because of ambition. He inquired about this possibility. It was an extremely interlocutory phone call that I appreciated, however, and anyway knowing the character I thought, ‘you never know.'”

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